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Ramelle Carter

Ramelle Carter is a Domestic Violence Survivor. my Ex-Husband had a crack cocaine addiction, I started this blog to deal with and overcome my pain not only of Domestic Violence;  this blog reflects all the misadventures in my life in hopes to serve as a guide to show others; they, too, can survive any bad situation. I also have branched this blog over into New Media with Ramelle Carter Blog Live, which airs now on Pasadena Media Arroyo Network. Ramelle Carter Blog Live is a virtual Talk Show based around a blog. In this show, I give a personal narrative of how I survive everyday life challenges; with discussions on pop culture, social media, and other engaging conversations. Ramelle Carter Blog also features a segment called, “Women Inside,” where women, men, children can discuss how they overcame abuse of any circumstance. Please help me keep the conversation of injustice going. The Blog posts will continue, also please watch the show and tell a friend. All The Best,  Ramelle

Ramelle Carter Blog is streaming live on Pasadena Media Arroyo Channel

When a black dies by the hands of injustice, we all die

Episode #5 Karen, Ellen Be-Generous

Episode #6 Situationships/Relationships



Ramelle Carter Blog 

How would you like to experience a blog broadcast live? Even before the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic, I had an idea to bring a blog to live television. Please continue to practice social-distancing to keep you and everyone around you safe.

Self-Care is always relevant as a Survival strategy to love on you.

Thank You, Ridgefield Recovery for allowing my guests to access information on drug addiction and domestic violence, please click the link below.

Be Safe. Be Healthy. Ramelle cares