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Ramelle Carter

I am a domestic violence survivor. My ex-husband had a crack cocaine addiction. I started this blog to help cope, process, and overcome my pain. I share my experiences here to serve as a guide to show others that they, too, can survive any bad situation.

Through Pasadena Media Arroyo I was able to produce a public access broadcast series of 10 episodes of live blogging in a talk show format (Real Ramelle Live) with guests who shared their survival stories. Like me, we shared our personal narratives of what it’s like to survive everyday life challenges while bearing this incredible pain.

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Domestic Violence Expertise

Taking steps to receive my State of CA 40-hr certification requirement in Domestic Violence Advocacy before the end of this year 2021; having first-hand experience with domestic violence, I have the necessary empathy and can relate to those who may be hesitant to talk about their trauma. Trust is key to being able to tackle these hurdles to recovery.

Public Speaker

Part of my healing process is to speak about my experience publicly - sometimes using humor! That's right. I do stand-up comedy on the side. But not to make light of something unpleasant, I think sharing a knowing laugh can be great medicine, and I would be happy to speak to those who could use a smile and reassurance that they too can survive and thrive!


I have an extensive background as a Writer/Influencer. I can teach others who may want to start a blog.

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