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About Me

I am a domestic violence survivor. My ex-husband had a crack cocaine addiction. I started this blog to help cope, process, and overcome my pain. I share my experiences here to serve as a guide to show others that they, too, can survive any bad situation.

Through Pasadena Media Arroyo I was able to produce a public access broadcast series of 10 episodes of live blogging in a talk show format (Real Ramelle Live) with guests who shared their survival stories. Like me, we shared our personal narratives of what it’s like to survive everyday life challenges while bearing this incredible pain.

The televised experience led to my being able to tell my story in front of an audience. Using humor as one way of healing, I am now an open-mic regular at Stand-Up Comedy where I discuss pop culture, news, and community – from the perspective of one who has seen it all and survived.

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