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Cheron K. Griffin, Author

Cheron K. Griffin

Ramelle Carter Blog is ecstatic over a phone chat with Author, Freedom Coach, Lifestyle Hacker, Dating Consultant, and a Divorce Guru, Cheron K. Griffin.  Griffin’s latest accomplishment is a book called, I See You, Igniting Hope and Preventing Suicide. I See You, was written and inspired by the help of emojis.  The book provides comfort for people feeling lonely, different, or broken-hearted. The premise of the book is “I see you and you are loved.”  “I SEE YOU” sole campaign purpose is to spread happiness.

Here is the link to the book:

Ramelle:  Please briefly explain what prompted you to write your new book?

Cheron: God, also my amazing spirit,  guided me to write this book, also the reason why I uses emojis, the who book process leads me to let others have a dialogue.

Ramelle: You know the whole subject of suicide hits home with me. When my daughter was a student at North Hollywood High school; her classmate committed suicide. My daughter began to shut down.  Above all, I talked with her, and I was available. Futhermore, I am very aware of the effects of suicide.


Ramelle: With tragedies of suicide, especially with teens; What are some signs that you and other certified professionals has found to be a trigger factor?

Cheron: Certainly there is no one who can point out easily a trigger, I mean there are some people who just say or even start getting affairs in order, simple as that.


Ramelle: Can you give my readers insight on your Grow A Girl Network?

Cheron: Grow a Girl Network, is an extension of the book, I See You, its actually in a rebranding stage but, essentially I want this to encourage girls, ladies, women to have awesome self-esteem, dream big and aim high.



The magic of reading and joy of books is a wonderful exploration. Consequently, Cheron K. Griffin took the time to share it with me. Therefore in a ambiguous way,  we all owe gratitiude to the power of knowledge and sharing. Let me take this time to call this the share corner. The share corner is where I interview a person who has taken the time to forge ahead with all or even some complications that life brings forward. The disastrous of even more memories will come to pass and bottle up a tasty treat of joy.


Finally, I want to take this time to remember, Xavier William Patterson, who will always be remembered in my daughter’s heart.




Be Aware of Self-Care: 5 Tips to Maintain the Love

Took Time to Unwind and Remind Me of What is Important

Anybody ever transitioned from Carnivore to Vegetarian, and after some time you got sick to your stomach. Well, guess what happened to me.  For over a year. I have been surviving as a Vegetarian, but my eating habits took a turn for the worse. I started having major Gerd issues. I was on Spring break vacation and bought meat TV dinners for my kids, when they told me they didn’t like them; I ate them, and suddenly my gut got better,  I have slowly started back to eating meat again, please my vegan friends, do not get upset, it just is what it is.

Health Is Wealth

I realized my health is vital in striving and thriving for all women of today.  The incredible benefit of loving yourself replicates the same love for others around you.

People Make the World Go Round

Is there a person in your life right now you trust? Many Americans must think in terms of loved ones around you. Whether someone is famous, infamous, regular Joe or Jill the fullness of life is set with love and care you surround yourself with to showcase the lasting elegance of Self-Care.

Five Tips to Awareness Levels of Contentment

  • Spirituality   No matter what you believe, if the benefits make you happy, then grow the greatness
  • Take responsibility for health and well-being
  • Wellness routines like Spa day, mini-vacation, go out to eat (fancy restaurant or favorite hole in the wall)
  • Nature walk, sports, gardening; physical activities or pleasant hobbies are a plus
  • Eat to live, do not live to eat

Happy Birthday, Madear and I will always love you


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