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COVID Crisis in our Community


Singer, Jeremih (Update)

Singer Jeremih is reportedly doing better since leaving the ICU this past weekend due to a COVID-19 related illness. A message confirmed by his DJ T. Taylor from a recent Instagram story post that states Jeremih was praising God for his recovery, and the information trended heavily on Twitter. We are glad he is a COVID-19 survivor. This COVID-19 Crisis is a wake-up call.

On a previous blog post ( back in March. For instance, I defined the COVID-19 dangers in a setting that gave a clear picture of the terror lurking our way. We all have a job not to be reckless. Specifically, stay healthy and mindful of our safety.

Although many people of all class, size, economic background, and race can get ill from COVID, my focus today involves my people, which are 2.6x higher according to the CDC, to get the virus.;  my community is hit the hardest. Therefore, we really need to stick together and build wonderful groups around us with good, safe goals to help us really get back on the road to healing. COVID-19 is taking our people out, with young and old, being affected. Singer Jeremih is just one in a handful of African American celebrities to be victims of this virus.

Also, the Black/Brown Community can not fall on our knees and wait for help. However, we need to call out any groups who lack responding and assisting in our recovery. African-Americans can no longer allow our families to sit down and die. Black Lives Matter must continue fighting against police brutality by marching the streets with masks and following all social distancing protocols.

In other words, learn, read, and listen to our local elected officials while keeping your families safe. The changing times are above all filled with differences we all need to step up and maintain, think good thoughts, use time wisely, practice self-care, and whenever possible, do positive things around the house to keep spirits high. Moreover, call/text a loved one, friend, or special one to say, “How are you doing? Lastly, let’s shoutout those who tested positive and won.

  1. Idris Elba
  2. NBA Kevin Durant
  3. Kenny “Babyface” Edmunds
  4. NBA Patrick Ewing
  5. DL Hughley
  6. Atlanta Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms
  7. Tiffany Haddish
  8. Rapper Scarface
  9. NBA Russell Westbrook
  10. Sheree Whitfield
  11. Usain Bolt
  12. The Rock
  13. Rapper Slim Thug

5 Reasons to have a Good Day


The perils of life can turn a good day into something somewhat distorted on so many levels. Pitfalls that revolve in life can get a bit out of control. Therefore people young or old face tremendous obstacles that weigh heavy on our brains; although barriers leave us in a strain, there can be light at the end of the tunnel.  For those who are in a difficult season believe me things will get better. Above all, it will come to pass, and I have five reasons to have a good day.

5 Got Get Um!!

5.  You have a job/career.  Congratulations, you a member of the working class society. If you are too young for a job, focus on all the right things in your life and not the bad.

4 Way ta Go!!!

4. The rent or mortgage paid in full; I know this goes back to having a job; it also goes along with being able to maintain your priorities. High five for you

3 Family life!!!

3. Family and Friends genuinely care and love you. Keep that energy going.

2 Happy Mind!!!

2. Mental health is steady. Be slow to anger (I need this) Keep smiling

1 Terrific!!!

1  You woke up to see another day. Move ahead

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Always Enjoy Your Everyday

Gospel Artist, Chris Bolton


This past Friday, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Gospel Artist, Chris Bolton, about his upcoming tour honoring Caregivers.

Why Chris Bolton Sings…


Ramelle:   Hong long have you been singing?
Chris:  I have been singing since the age of 6 years old, I am originally from the Chicago area, and my grandfather sang in a quartet, so singing has just been in my blood. I started professionally when I turned 19, with background vocals for Mary Mary. Andre Crouch which to me was a blessing. I currently can be heard on the intro of Snoop Dogg’s Gospel CD titled Bible of Love.
Ramelle  You have an upcoming tour called the Chris Bolton Experience Tour.,  giving honor to Caregivers (a family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person) tell me why such an honor.
Chris:    The Chris Bolton Experience shows are because I became a Caregiver to my mother who passed away from breast cancer; many times, when our parents get older, we want to put them in a nursing home, and I could not do this to my mother.  I stepped up; it was a struggle, now I want to help give information about programs available to Caregivers, and about Caregiver solutions. I did not know about them when I cared for my mother, so this is something definitely from my heart.
Ramelle:    This is wonderful; lastly, the great, Aretha Franklin has passed, do you have a favorite song by her?
Chris:   Oh, wow, I love all of Aretha Franklin music, I mean, she touched on every genre, from gospel, classical, R&B, but my favorite has to be “Natural Woman.”
I want to thank Chris Bolton for the interview; please Click the links (below) to find out more about his Caregiver Tour, and support a Blogger who stays positive.
Gospel Artist and ActorChris Bolton, 2018 Chris Bolton Experience Tour. The tour kicks off on Sunday, September 2, 2018, at The Village Church of Portsmouth, 900 Portsmouth Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23704 at 6 PM.
  •  Chris Bolton will also star in an upcoming stage play called “There is One in Every Family” starting October 19.

Thanks a bunch, Mr. Bolton

Not selfish, self-care, take care